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This Month's Great

Windows & Sunroof On A 1998
BMW 318I

This one comes from our friend Matthew Higginbotham

I was doing an alarm in a 1998 3 series BMW and had wanted to have a window roll up feature with my sunroof closing. I knew that there is a brain box right behind the glove box that controls this fetter (the car came with this). The box is the top one and there is an orange and white wire I believe that controls this feature, it locks the doors also so you wont need to use the alarms output from the door lock wire. The cars brain box requires a positive signal to turn this feature on but the signal to this wire has to stay as long as needed to shut all windows and sunroof. Therefore you need a timed switch and set it to about thirty seconds, that's long enough to get everything shut. The timer requires a signal wire to turn the timer on and it can be pulsed or a continued signal. I used the negative output from the starter kill so as soon as I arm the car it sends a negative signal from the alarm brain to the timer. Then the timer turns on and sends a positive signal to the factory brain ( the timer has a selectable output + or - ) for thirty seconds and at the end the timer shuts off even though the alarm brain is still putting out the negative signal ( you must have a break in the negative signal for it to reset ) The timer input can use either a pulsed signal or a constant but either way the constant signal doesn't keep the time going for as long as the signal wire sends the signal, only as long as the timer is set for. Once the timer ends it stops sending power. the timer I used is a DEI and can be set from a few seconds to 90 seconds timed output. Your trigger can be a + or - .
Matthew Higginbotham
1-800-Insight (467-4448) ext.# 5615
Fax: 480-760-8381
Thanks Matthew!

Relay Applications

"Hmmmmm, I wonder what this does?"

This Page Is For All Who Want to EXPERIMENT!

Well I know from the last 4 years of providing wiring diagrams for your vehicles for FREE, that there is a great trend towards "doing it yourself", to save some bucks mostly, but in alot of cases, you found little tricks and install tips. I received alot of them, and want to share them on a weekly basis. Most of you aren't installation pro's, but installed something into your car when you were a kid, and liked it. The installation of a car alarm is'nt all that hard, and even cool when you discover you can make a car do something it was'nt designed to do. In the following months I will be placing your submited tips and ideas,
and after trying them out,
I'll be damned, THEY WORKED!


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